Matt, March 4, 2016 from Yelp:

"Space City Float Center is my new favorite float spa!

Since I started floating almost 2 years ago, I've become passionate about it and seek out new float centers wherever I travel to.

I have to say that SCFC ranks #1 for me now as it sports amazing tanks and the best overall experience I've had out of the many float spas I've been to.

First of all, SCFC is in a quiet neighborhood filled with beautiful oak trees as compared to your standard, concrete-jungle strip mall location. This allowed the relaxation process to begin upon entering the neighborhood where I found myself admiring the trees and noticing birds chirping rather than being overwhelmed by the constant clash of city-traffic and other loud, urban noises.

Also, Space City Float Center seems like it was designed for maximum relaxation from the moment you walk in the door.

Michael and Hannah greeted me with a chilled out warmth that made check-in smooth and easy. They then took me back to the changing room where I was super impressed by the style and cleanliness of the restroom and vanity.

After changing into the comfy robe provided, I was led to a 15-minute Japanese massage chair session that worked out the tightness in my neck and lower-back. Many float spas don't offer this amazing benefit and it really helped get me into the proper state for my float.

I was then led to one of the private float rooms where I was once again dazzled by the MASSIVE size of the float tank (most tanks tend to be small pods) and the dedicated, rain-forest style shower just outside the tank door (most float centers only have one make-shift shower room located outside the actual float rooms).

As float tanks go (and I've tried out most of them) SCFC's tanks are the best I've ever been in. First of all, they're large. I'm 6'4" tall and can stand up straight inside these tanks as well as float completely stretched out. I rarely touched the sides of the tank during my session, which undoubtedly elevated the quality of the float.

After the session ended, showering the Epsom salt off in the room's private shower was, once again, soooo calm and relaxing...I felt extremely refreshed as I walked back to the men's room to change.

Back in my own clothes, I found the post-float lounge where I drank some green tea and water to further decompress. The lounge was the perfect place to hang out after floating to capture the experience in my journal. Looking through the "Artwork From the Void" book was also very captivating and inspired me to sketch in my journal as well.

Atmospherically speaking, the calm-blue and red lighting of the lounge, massage chair room, hallways and float rooms paired with some very meditative music to create an ambience that really cultivated a powerful float experience for me.

I've been to float spas all over the country now and Space City Float Center has done an amazing job creating the perfect environment for first-class float experiences. 

Thanks again Michael and Hannah...I can't wait to come back to Houston for my next Super-Float!"