Patricia, March 19, 2016 from Facebook:

Sharing My Deprivation Experience - This is long...
I went to Space City Float Center to try out their deprivation chamber and knock an item off of my life to do list on Thursday. Now, I went in with an open mind, and yet still a little skeptical of what my experience would actually be.
Would I see things? Would I have to battle my demons? Would it be far out trippy man? Would my claustrophobia kick in and ruin everything? I had no clue, but I had to find out.
I arrive at Space City Float Center a few minutes ahead of schedule as requested to go over the basics and take a tour of the mind boggingly gorgeous facility. Every aspect of this float center served purpose, was high end, and stunning. You get the sense that a lot of love was put into this place.
The basics are simple, well planned, and awesome. You sign a waiver just stating the basics like that you are not under any drugs or alcohol. After this, you are escorted to either the women's or men's changing area where every amenity is available at your disposal from the amazing robes and fun sandals, to make up remover and other essential toiletries for such an experience. You do have to experience the deprivation chamber in the nude due to how much salt is in the water to keep you afloat. In the changing area you do have a locker to store your belongings with a provided lock and key, you take the key with you.
Once you are robed and ready, you head over to the Zero Gravity Massage Chair for about 15 minutes. The chair, is INTENSE. It is a deep tissue massage in some areas and I could have sworn I would have some bruises, but I came out fine. While getting your massage you get to look at a really cool laser light blue and green spacey lightscape and breathe in essential oils. Times up and you are escorted to your deprivation chamber/tank down the hallway.
So now you get to meet your tank. IT IS HUGE. It is white, it is slick, and it is streamlined. Surprisingly, not intimidating at all as I thought it would be. This is where I asked a lot of questions like "If I have a claustrophobic freak out moment what do I do?" My guide calmed my nerves by letting me know that I was fully in control. The door is not locked and I can exit at any time. Also along the wall of the tank is a huge button to turn on the lights inside the tank and another button to hit if there is an emergency and they would come to personally check on me. On another note, there is a dry wash cloth and a spray bottle with fresh water inside in case you get salt in your eyes. You will and that pain is indescribable. That bottle is your life saver.
You are instructed to shower before you get in to remove all oils off of your body, and you are provided with everything you need including some really great mint shampoo that I would love to get my hands on for home use. No need to towel dry, just hop into your tank.
When you get into the tank, it is very spacious and it is lit inside for about 5 minutes. Sit down in the water, lean back and just float. The lights start to fade gradually until you are in pitch black darkness, there is no light. Your ears are below the water line, there is no sound. You float effortlessly, there is no gravity. The water is the same temperature as your body, there is no separation between the two. The air is warm, it is like a thick blanket.
Now here comes the fun part, my experience inside the tank.
At first I am just floating thinking about work, projects I need to work on, organizing things inside my mind about future goals, making grocery lists, thinking of painting ideas which is pretty much my normal day to day mind when I have free time. I get salt in my eyes and feel my way around for the spray bottle. This tank is so spacious, I can literally fully spread out and not touch anything. A little while later, I noticed that I liked only hearing the sound of my breath. Not sure how long this lasted, but I suddenly realized that it felt like I had no legs. Oddly I did not panic, I just kind of accepted it. A few moments go by and I have no arms or hands, and then no head or face. All I could feel was my heart in every single detail and it was so beautiful. Once I felt like I had no physical body that is when my mind really took over. I think my eyes were open, it is really hard to tell. At first I was in an abstract wave of green, kind of like an aurora but not as bright, in fact it was dim. Then I felt a sharp slicing pain down my stomach, tracking my ovarian tumor removal scar. I did not panic about this either, my mind was incredibly accepting of everything. Soon I felt something on my left side being removed (I realized much later after analyzing my experience that this must have been a memory stored in my subconscious from my surgery a couple of years ago). This part of the experience only lasted a split second if that, once again, it is really hard to tell how much time any of this is taking, the pain was super quick to let go. Once that part was over things get a bit strange, but while I was in it, it made sense. For some reason I am filled with a great sense of strength and independence and everything is back to black for a short while. Then suddenly my fingers start to feel like they are getting really, really long. I am flying fast around mountains and sky, just flying. I look around at myself and I am a black and red dragon. I am not hell bent on destruction, or harm, I am just flying. I feel at home. I am by myself in the sky, but I do not feel lonely, I feel incredibly comfortable with just being. After a while of this, things go black again and I just hear my breath. A few moments later I suddenly feel incredibly joyful and playful. I still have scales, but now I am a mermaid just playing around with my tail and scales. There are no fishes, there is nothing but the ocean and me being silly. This part did not last long I guess, and the lights came up. I remember making an audible “Awww man.”
I get up, stand up in the tank, and literally feel like I have no bones and it is so hard to get out. Eventually I do and take a shower to rinse off all of the salt. SO MUCH SALT. I dry off and robe up and go back to the changing area to get into my clothes.
One really wonderful feature here is what is appropriately named The Jellyfish Lounge, a place where you can take your time “getting back to normal” after your float experience. They have tea, more essential oils to breathe in, and comfy chairs to relax in. I had a chat here with another Floater and the owner of the center which I have to say is the kindest guy out there.
And that was it, that was my really wonderful deprivation experience and I cannot wait to go back and do it again soon.
In the comments I will have a follow up note about an unexpected discovery that happened yesterday that relates to this. Hope you enjoyed this and were inspired to try this out on your own, I highly recommend it.